Self Care

Self care is essential for a healthy life. Learn how to take care of yourself with a self care routine that will have you feeling relaxed and renewed.

17 Short Inspirational Quotes that Will Make Your Day

Get inspired to be a better, happier, more productive person with these short inspirational quotes from comedians, philosophers, authors, and celebrities.

10 Easy Self-Care Swaps to Make in 2022

Make 2022 your healthiest year yet with these editor-approved self-care swaps.

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How I Used Silk + Sonder Self-Care Journals to Reach My Goals

Here's my review of Silk + Sonder, a subscription service that helps you reach your goals using beautiful self-care journals...

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17 Self-Love Quotes to Remind You of Your Worth

You are worthy of love—most importantly, your own love. Get inspired with these self-love quotes and start your journey to...

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How to Build A Self-Care Plan, According to Experts

Show up for yourself by developing and committing to a self-care plan, such as nightly journaling, for a healthy...

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14 Cozy Loungewear Sets You’ll Want to Live in this Fall

Stay cozy and stylish at home with these loungewear sets for every budget—from cashmere hoodies to fleece joggers.

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Why Everyone Should Take a Mental Health Day This Week

World Mental Health Day is October 10th: Here are 14 great reasons why you deserve to take a mental health...

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10 Self-Care Health Products for When You Need Me-Time

It's important to take time to give yourself a little love and the TLC that you deserve. Here are some...

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16 Self-Care Quotes That Will Inspire You to Care for Your Mind and Body

These self-care quotes can help you get inspired to nourish your mental, physical, and emotional health every day.

Coloring Books for Adults: 9 Science-Backed Reasons to Pick Up Your Crayons

Coloring books are not just for kids, they can relax the mind and provide stress relief for adults, too....

9 Sneaky Ways to Carve Out More “Me Time” Every Day

You don't need to hit a spa, library, or gym to recharge, you can practice self-care right in your own...

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10 Healthy Experience Gifts Wellness Fans Will Love

You'll surprise and delight your friends and family with these thoughtful gifts for better health.

22 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty All the Time

All that self-blame can take a major toll on your mental and physical health. Here’s how to retrain your brain...

The 7 Most Influential Self-Help Books of All Time

New to self-help books? Start off with the groundbreakers, the ones that changed millions of lives and stood the test...

This Is the Exact Age When the Average Person Is Most Confident

Move over 20-year-olds: You're going to have to wait a few decades to feel your most confident.

21 Hidden Health Benefits Music Lovers Wish You Knew

The right notes can dampen appetite, relax blood vessels, and improve brain focus.

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22 Ways to Remind Yourself That You’re Worthy

From pets to poppies to Post-It notes, signs surround you that you're worthy of love, success, and happiness. The trick...

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9 Silent Signs You’re Not Taking Good Care of Yourself

Even if you live a healthy life, it may not be enough. Doctors share the signs your body might need...

6 Scary Reasons You Need to Be Suspicious of Every Single Med Spa Out There

Med spas make big promises about quick, easy and cost-effective ways to improve your looks, but there are things their...

10 Unexpected Beauty Treatments You Can Get On Your Lunch Hour

You're busy—we get that. Between school drop-offs, business meetings, and laundry, squeezing in a little "you" time tends to fall...

The 6 Best Bath Bomb Recipes for Every Mood

Feeling restless, can't sleep, down in the dumps, or stressed? These fizzy bath bomb recipes are sure to help.

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12 Surprisingly Powerful Health Benefits of Being Nicer to Yourself

The emerging field of self-compassion research is proving that being kind to yourself is one of the best things you...

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10 Ways to Be Nicer to Yourself (You Deserve It)

Become your own best friend for true health and happiness

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10 Surprising Ways Gardening Is One of the Healthiest Things You Can Do

Gardening does a lot more than make your yard look nice or deliver fresh veggies. It can boost your immune...

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Here’s Why a Grown-Up Bath Is the Stress Melter You Need Right Now

Skip the shower and opt for the tub. Here's why it's a good idea and how to get the most...

How a Quilt Helped Her Survive the Grief of Losing Her Newborn Baby

The warmth and kindness of quilting helped her heal after tragedy.

7 Healthy Reasons You Need to Start Going to a Sauna

If you want to live a long, happy life, it's time to start sweating—and this time we don't mean exercise.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Here’s What You Need to Know

Find out what sets you apart and how to adjust your life to avoid overstimulation, fatigue, and stress.

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7 Ways to Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Experts say an inner glow that makes you feel great – and warms the people around you – can be