Exercise is essential in maintaining optimal health. Learn more about workout plans, the benefits of exercise and staying in shape.

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9 Best Exercise Bikes to Stay Active Year-Round

You can stay fit year-round with indoor cycling. Here are the best exercise bikes, including spin and recumbent bikes, to use at home.

10 Best Small Treadmills for Your Home or Apartment

Get your steps in while staying safe at home with the best compact and foldable treadmill options that are geared...

8 Best Bike Shorts for Women

Learn what to look for when shopping for bike shorts, then follow this guide to choose the perfect pair for...

The 9 Best Home Rowing Machines at Every Price Point

Here's how to choose the best rowing machine for your fitness goals and budget.

Shin Splints: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them

Do your shins ache? It may be shin splints. Here are the symptoms, treatments, and ways to prevent this painful...

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An Olympic Hopeful Runner Just Shared His Super Accessible Full-Body Workout

Whether you love to run or just want stronger bones and muscles to avoid life's wear-and-tear that can limit...

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The 3 Best “Smart” Treadmills for Your Home, From Certified Fitness Experts

A dedicated marathon runner and two seasoned fitness pros note that an exciting era for treadmills has arrived. Here are...

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A Trainer Designed This Simple Resistance Band Leg Workout to Give You “Killer” Results

Don't think a resistance band is enough to get you the lower-body results you're after? Whether you're looking to...

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Try This Trainer’s Full-Body Resistance Band Workout to Improve Your Body Shape and Strength

If your at-home workout routine could use some fresh inspo—with changes to your body you can feel—this resistance band workout...

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A Trainer Says These Adjustable Dumbbells Are Your “Best Investment”

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are a solid add to your home gym arsenal, says this trainer, nutritionist, and...

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A Trainer Says This Under-$30 Resistance Band Will Transform Your At-Home Workouts

Resistance band workouts saved this trainer's routine when the pandemic hit. Here's how he says a resistance band could bring...

Why This Podiatrist Loves Hoka Shoes for Foot Health

Spoiler: This doctor recommends Hoka walking shoes to patients...but they're also her go-to, everyday shoes.

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Shoveling Snow, Heart Attack, and Stroke: 3 Heart Doctors Share Their Insights on Staying Safe

Maybe you already know shoveling can lead to heart attack—but this cold-weather activity also increases the risk of

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It Takes Two: How To Motivate Your Partner To Exercise Together

Talk about #relationshipgoals! Psychology and fitness experts say encouraging your partner's wellness can be a powerful way to show your...

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8 Best Hiking Backpacks for Any Budget, With Tips From Outdoor Aficionados

Hiking is a one-of-a-kind way to exercise and experience the great outdoors. Enthusiasts know having the right hiking backpack to haul...

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Is Walking Good Exercise? Fitness Pros Explain Why It’s an Ideal Workout

Walking is often an underrated form of exercise—but fitness and physiology experts say every type of exerciser can benefit...

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The 4 Best Exercises to Strengthen Bones in Your Upper Body, From an Exercise Physiologist

Walking is great for lower-body bone health—but, it's not really strengthening your arms or shoulders. Learn how a certified exercise...

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5 Tennis Elbow Exercises to Relieve Pain

Wrist-strengthening exercises can help prevent pain related to tennis elbow. They can also help you get back to playing tennis—plus...

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How to Walk Properly: 6 Tips to Fix Your Walking Form

These tips for walking form can help prevent aches, pains, and injuries, while ensuring you're getting the most out of...

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6 Stretching Exercises to Balance Your Walking Routine

Even if your walking routine doesn't leave you feeling sore or tight, you still need to incorporate leg stretches...

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28 Cute Hiking Outfits for Women

Cute hiking outfits for women with function and fashion in mind do exist. Here are the pieces that experts recommend...

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12 Hiking Pants for Women

Having a pair of good hiking pants can help you reap the physical and mental benefits of hiking. Here's what...

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25 Gifts for Hikers That Anyone Would Love

The hiker or outdoor lover in your life will surely adore one of these gifts for hikers that make hitting...

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How Walking Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

Walking meditation is ideal for people who find it difficult to stay still, meditation beginners, and even highly decorated athletes....

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8 Best Hiking Poles for Long Walks and Treks

Hiking sticks are not for everyone, but they can be surprisingly helpful for many people. Here are some tips to...

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10 Hiking Shorts for Women You’ll Want to Wear Everywhere

Having the right hiking attire can make your trek more enjoyable. Here's what the experts want you to know about...

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10 Best Exercise Dresses for Every Workout and Budget

These exercise dress picks not only top the comfort list, but look super cute on, too.

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I Tried a Weighted Hula Hoop for a Fun, At-Home Workout

A workout that takes you back to being a kid? Sign me up. Here's what happened when I exercised with...

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How to Do a Sleeper Stretch for Better Shoulder Range of Motion

Are your shoulders feeling tight? Improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, and prevent injury with the sleeper...