Anxiety can occur in more than just stressful situations. Learn about anxiety attack symptoms and causes.

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Anxiety?

Are you worried, restless, or having trouble concentrating most of the time? It could be anxiety. This common mental health disorder is treatable with the right combination of medication, counseling, and self-care, but first you need to understand what it is and how it's affecting your life.

14 Things Only People with Anxiety Will Understand

Living with anxiety is huge challenge, and few non-sufferers can comprehend how the mental illness affects people. Here's what people...

18 Everyday Things That Could Trigger Anxiety

If you're late for an appointment or about to meet your new boss, it's clear why you're anxious. But if...

9 Signs You Could Have an Anxiety Disorder

We all worry sometimes, but when your anxiety starts negatively impacting your life, it might be an anxiety disorder—and time...

I Have Anxiety—and Here’s How It Actually Helps Me

I was diagnosed with panic disorder 20 years ago at age 19. I quickly learned that treating anxiety requires a...

10 Tips for Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Everyone feels anxious and a little panicked now and then, but when worry becomes excessive and starts to affect everyday...

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Post-Pandemic: Coping With the Anxiety of a Changed World

The pandemic isn't quite over, but many people are thinking ahead to post-pandemic life with a mixture of excitement and...

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Could Your Chest Tightness Be Due to Anxiety? Why It Happens

You should always take chest tightness seriously, but there are ways to help tell if it's from anxiety or...

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How Rumination and Obsessive Thoughts Are Linked to Anxiety and Depression

Rumination and obsessive thoughts can send you on a negative spiral where the only place to go is down. Here's...

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4 Common Types of Anxiety Medications Doctors Prescribe (and Their Side Effects)

One-third of adults may be suffering from mental health problems, like anxiety, right now. Here's how anxiety medication may help.

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Are You a Hypochondriac? How to Tell If Health Anxiety Is a Problem

Once known as hypochondriasis or hypochondria, an overwhelming fear of being sick is actually called illness anxiety disorder. Here are...

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Waking Up With Anxiety at Night? Here’s What Experts Recommend

Here's a look at the causes, treatments, symptoms, and ways to prevent anxiety at night.

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16 Anxiety Quotes that May Help You Cope a Little Better

These short quotes about anxiety may help you feel better, or at least less alone, with your worries.

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If You Have Panic Attacks at Night, Here’s What to Do

They can be scary and disorienting. Here's how to cope with, manage, and even prevent panic attacks at night.

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Can You Use Melatonin for Anxiety? Here’s What You Need to Know

Melatonin supplements can help with sleep problems, but it's unclear if they can help reduce anxiety. Here's what the experts...

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Why Morning Anxiety Is a Thing and What to Do About It

When thoughts and worries hit as soon as your eyes pop open, you may have morning anxiety.

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13 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone Suffering with Anxiety

Even people with the purest intentions can really make a mess when they try to help—here's what to avoid, and...

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Autumn Anxiety is Real: Why the Fall Season Makes You More Stressed

The change in seasons, specifically from summer to fall, can evoke worry, fear, and other negative emotions.

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Got Eco-Anxiety? Here’s How to Deal With Climate Despair

Does climate change make you feel anxious, hopeless, and helpless? You may have eco-anxiety. Here's how to cope with ecological...

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Do You Have Nomophobia? Signs You May Have Smartphone Anxiety

While your smartphone's constant updates could trigger anxiety, you can also have a fear of losing or forgetting your phone...

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11 Foods that Make Anxiety Worse

Did you know what you eat can contribute to anxiety? These are the foods you'll want to avoid—they may...

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14 Magic Phrases to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

Mental health experts reveal how to calm anxiety and feel in control with phrases to repeat when you're overwhelmed with...

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Why You Should Stop Using Stress and Anxiety Interchangeably

Our mental health experts explain why stress and anxiety aren't the same thing, and why it matters

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How CBD Helped One Woman With Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Michelle Smith has anxiety and trouble sleeping and uses a daily CBD tincture, in addition to exercise and meditation,...

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11 5-Second Strategies to Stop Anxiety in Its Tracks

Top experts share exactly what you need to do to reduce those anxious feelings, both in the moment and for...

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18 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About CBD for Anxiety

You can find CBD oil in lip balm and shampoo, pain relief products and pet treats: Most tout CBD's supposed...

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9 Things About Getting Through the Holidays Only People with Anxiety Understand

The festive season can cause more than just extra angst for the 40 million Americans who suffer from an anxiety...

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Top Tricks from Therapists on How to Deal with Anxiety

What's one of the worst things about having anxiety? Worrying about how much you worry. Here's how to stop.

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7 Silent Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

Your anxiety may be affecting your life—and your general health—more than you realize. Here are the warning signs.