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What Dermatologists Wish You Knew About Preventing and Treating Wrinkles

Dermatologists spill their most effective—and surprising—secrets. Get smoother, younger looking skin by preventing and treating wrinkles earlier and more effectively.

14 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

Body odor, from head to toes, can alert doctors to potential health issues—even cancer. Find out what those distinctive smells...

15 Nighttime Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

For a gorgeous glow when you get up in the morning, avoid these bad bedtime skin habits

20 Reasons for Your Itchy Scalp (Besides Head Lice)

A little itch is nothing to be concerned about, but if you can’t stop scratching your head, here are some...

8 Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles, According to Dermatologists

A good eye cream can help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and even wrinkles in and around the...

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Yes, ‘Hair Botox’ Exists, but It’s Not What It Sounds Like

When you hear 'hair Botox,' you may wonder if our youth-obsessed culture has gone a step too far in the...

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I Tried Hairstory Nontoxic Shampoo—and I No Longer Need Conditioner

A nontoxic shampoo helps remove oil and grease while moisturizing. I've been using the Hairstory New Wash for six months—here's...

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Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

If you opt to remove excess body hair, you likely do so hoping it doesn't come back thicker or darker....

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Why Grapeseed Oil Is a Hair and Skin Care Ingredient Worth Trying

If you're a fan of cooking with grapeseed oil due to its high smoke point or nutrition, know that it...

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How Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits Your Skin, Hair, and Body

Turns out it packs more than just fun, festive fall flavors. Here's why pumpkin seed oil could be the missing...

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8 Best Night Creams for Younger Looking Skin

Nighttime is the right time to restore and repair your skin with these anti-aging night creams for younger and...

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I Slept on a Satin Pillowcase for Better Skin and Hair—Here’s What Happened

A satin pillowcase can stay cool and dry all night long and help keep your skin and hair hydrated....

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Is Avocado Oil Good for Hair and Skin? What Dermatologists Say

Avocado oil isn't just for cooking. Here are the benefits of avocado oil for your skin and hair—plus expert-recommended...

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I Washed My Face With Rice Water Cleansing Oil—Here’s What Happened

Rice water cleansing oil can help hydrate and brighten skin and may even curb acne breakouts. Here's what...

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What to Know About Age Spots—Plus 4 Products to Help Get Rid of Them

If you're concerned about age spots, here are some ways to prevent and treat them.

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Applying Your Skin Care Products: The Right—and Wrong—Way

The order you apply your skin care products matters. Experts reveal when and how to do it to maximize...

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Gua Sha Massage: 10 Things Experts Need You to Know

You'll hear a lot of claims about the benefits of gua sha—do they hold up to scientific scrutiny? And is...

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How Bad Is It to Wash Your Face in the Shower? Skin Care Experts Explain

Washing your face in the shower is convenient, but is it bad for your skin? Here's the real story—plus...

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Can Snail Mucin Really Help Your Skin? What Skin Care Experts Say

Snail mucin is a buzzy skin care ingredient touted for its ability to moisturize skin. But is there truth...

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Why Do We Have Pubic Hair? What to Know Before Trimming It

Protection, comfort, and sex appeal—these are just some of the reasons we have pubic hair. Here's what to know...

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Do Hyaluronic Acid Supplements Really Work? Here’s What Dermatologists Say

Hyaluronic acid face serums are touted for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Can hyaluronic acid supplements deliver the same...

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Bakuchiol for Your Skin—the Retinol Alternative to Try

If you are looking for a gentler option to get rid of wrinkles, bakuchiol could be the answer. Find...

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10 Face Oils that Can Make Dry Skin Glow

A good face oil can help soothe, hydrate, and moisturize dry skin. Here's what to look for—and the top...

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10 Things Skin Experts Want You to Know About Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a popular moisturizing ingredient in skin care products—but is it worth the hype? We asked dermatologists...

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8 Face Mist Sprays That Can Help Hydrate Skin

A face mist spray hydrates dry, irritated skin throughout the day. Here's what to look for, plus the best picks...

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The 6 Dos—and 4 Don’ts—of Using a Pumice Stone

To get the smooth, soft feet of your dreams, follow this expert advice—including how not to use a pumice stone.

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I Tried an Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel for Healthier Hair—Here’s What Happened

A microfiber hair towel absorbs moisture from wet hair and is supposed to help prevent frizz, breakage, and split...

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What Does Face Toner Do? Plus 5 Toners for Clearer Skin

Face toner may look and feel like water, but it does a lot more than just hydrate your face. Here's...

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6 Causes of Yellow Toenails and Treatments That Help

From toenail fungus to certain types of nail polish, these are the causes—and how to get rid of—yellow toenails.

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What Experts Want You to Know About Collagen Injections

Want to plump up your skin and reverse signs of aging? Here's what dermatologists really think of collagen injections.