Menopause is more than hot flashes and mood swings. Learn about menopause remedies, perimenopause symptoms, and what it means to be postmenopausal.

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How One Woman Revived Her Sex Life After Menopause

After a divorce, one woman reveals how surgery led to medically-induced menopause and sexual pain, a drop in libido, and other problems.

8 Home Remedies for Hot Flashes That Really Work

The average woman will experience seven YEARS of hot flashes. Here's how to deal drug-free.

15 Body Signs No One Tells You Will Come Before Menopause

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10 Myths About Hysterectomies Women Can Safely Ignore

It’s one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in America, but many women don’t know the basics about why...

10 Signs You Could Be Headed for Early Menopause

Even if you haven’t started getting hot flashes yet, these risk factors could mean you’re in for “the change” earlier...

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9 Questions About Menopause You’ve Been too Embarrassed to Ask

Many women have questions about the crazy havoc menopause wreaks on their body, so we got top doctors to answer...

This Natural Remedy Reduces Hot Flashes So Well, Researchers Were Left “Speechless”

If you hate hot flashes, this herbal supplement could be just what the doctor ordered.

13 Small Diet Changes to Look (and Feel!) Great in Your 40s

Banish symptoms of premenopause (like hot flashes, foggy brain, and weight gain) with just a few simple tweaks to your...

12 Ways Sex Is Different After Menopause

Think that menopause means the end to good sex? Think again. With a few key tweaks, the best (sex)...

10 Surprising Health Risks that Happen After Menopause

You can’t control aging or the loss of your period—but you can take better stock of your health to reduce...

10 Natural Remedies for Annoying Menopause Symptoms

Menopause, which officially occurs 12 months after your last menstrual period, signals the end of your menstrual cycles. If you’re...

10 Quiet Signs You’re In Perimenopause

It’s not just hot flashes and missing periods.