Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can affect one’s memory and more. Read about the first signs, symptoms, treatment, prevention and more.

I Was Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s—Here’s How My Life Has Already Changed

When Deborah Waskow was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she planned to make the most of the time she has left with her family. Here's her story.

12 Signs You Could Have Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Early-onset Alzheimer's disease starts before age 65, with symptoms like memory loss. Doctors reveal the other telltale signs to watch...

10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Every Adult Should Know

If you or a loved one experiences these subtle but possibly serious symptoms of memory loss, confusion, sleeplessness, and trouble...

15 Things No One Tells You About Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease can be both challenging and rewarding. Here's what caregivers and other people need to...

The Stages of Alzheimer’s: How the Disease Really Unfolds

This is what caregivers can expect from loved ones at each stage of Alzheimer's disease.

13 Things Neurologists Do to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease has no cure, but ongoing research shows promise for reducing the risk and delaying the onset of this...

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What Brain Experts Think About the Controversial New Alzheimer’s Drug

The FDA just approved aducanumab, a new drug for Alzheimer's disease. What does it mean for patients? Brain experts...

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This Man Battled Dementia for 20 Years Before Finding a Solution

For two decades, Stanley White battled mental fog, falls, and urinary incontinence. Finally, he got a diagnosis—a little-known—but treatable—brain disorder...

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This Woman’s “Dementia” Turned Out to Be a Treatable Brain Condition

It took years for doctors to discover that this woman's walking, incontinence, and cognitive problems were due to a treatable—and...

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How a Reversible Type of Dementia Can be Mistaken for Alzheimer’s Disease

Normal pressure hydrocephalus is a treatable form of dementia that targets more than 700,000 Americans, yet about 80 percent of...

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Could This Image Predict Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

A new study uses artificial intelligence to interpret participants' use of language, which could give patients, doctors, and caregivers hints...

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Here’s One Reason Why Women May Have a Higher Alzheimer’s Risk Than Men

New research may help explain why women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than men—and it's not because...

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4 Memory Problems That Have Nothing to Do With Alzheimer’s

Are they normal brain blips—or something more? How everything from pregnancy to stress can mess with your mind (and how...

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The Top Alzheimer’s Breakthroughs of 2019

Funding for Alzheimer's research is ramping up and we're starting to see the benefits.

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This Is the Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s

There are around 50 million people living with dementia worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. While dementia and Alzheimer's...

Here’s How to Predict Whether Your Memory Loss Will Be Alzheimer’s

Feeling forgetful? Have no fear because that just might be a good sign when it comes to predicting whether or...

Scientists May Have Found the Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease—And How to Reverse It

Good news: Brain experts were wrong about the cause of Alzheimer’s. Better news: Now it should be easier to treat

This Could Be the Earliest Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease (Hint: It’s Not Getting Lost)

At risk for Alzheimer's? Keep an eye out for this one thing, because it could show up way before the...

If You’re Not Sleeping Well, Your Brain Could Be in Trouble

Researchers have linked interrupted sleep to Alzheimer's—and it's not just a matter of how long you sleep but also how...

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6 Signs Your Family Member’s ‘Forgetfulness’ Is Actually Alzheimer’s Disease

Be on the lookout for these signs that may appear to be normal, age-related forgetfulness but are actually a type...

This Alzheimer’s Patient Was Able to Live at Home—Thanks to a Virtual Dog

A daughter caring for her aging father 
finds help—and peace of mind—from 
a virtual companion named Pony.

50 Everyday Habits That Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

The dozens of choices you make over the course of any average day really can determine whether you’ll develop dementia...

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11 Common Illnesses That Have Been Linked to Alzheimer’s

Although we don't know a lot about the causes of Alzheimer's disease, the following conditions may raise your risk.

15 Things That Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease

Although there’s no cure, there are things you can do to help prevent, delay, or slow down Alzheimer’s disease and...

Why Your Eyes Could Be the Key to an Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Your eyes aren’t just the windows to your soul; they may also help doctors see specific changes in your head...

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16 Things People with Alzheimer’s Disease Wish You Knew

Memory loss can be scary, but patience, trust, and encouragement can help your loved one continue living a meaningful...

6 Alzheimer’s Breakthroughs That Give Hope for the Future

It's an exciting time for Alzheimer's disease research, with new studies, treatments, and answers on the horizon. Here’s what scientists...

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14 Everyday Habits Can Seriously Increase Your Dementia Risk

Scientists have identified things that can be changed or modified to reduce the risk of cognitive decline or

If You Have These Types of Dreams, You Could Be at Risk for Dementia

If you often have scary dreams, it could be a sign of a sleep disorder that dramatically raises your risk...